In 2018, only 48% of DPS General Fund expenditures ($1 billion dollars) were allocated to Instruction. Compare that to neighboring School Districts that range from 55%-67%. From the DPS 2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.


Since announcing as a candidate, I have met with many amazing community members. THIS is what I’ve learned…


Put Students First (Seriously)

Every decision in the District must put students first to set them up for College and Career.


Invest in Classrooms

Right now, LESS THAN HALF of the state income and local property taxes received by DPS finds its way into classrooms. Denver students deserve classroom funding at similar levels to neighboring school districts.


Invest in Proactive Solutions for School Safety, Social & Emotional Health and Wrap-Around Services

Substantially increase funding initiatives that support vulnerable students. Every school must have a full-time psychologist and/or social worker and a full-time nurse. Expand the use of Wrap-Around services.


Provide Strong Neighborhood Schools

We must empower neighborhood schools, and we must provide them with the financial and human resources to enable them to succeed. We must also update the School Choice process. Every neighborhood school should be a viable first choice for families wishing to stay close to home. The District must work to better integrate all of its schools.


Reduce Excessive Standarized Testing

The amount of standardized-testing continues to grow, which takes away from learning and creativity. We must reduce these stressful expectations and get back to the basics.