Overall, how has this nominee made an impact at your school/department by living one of DPS’ Shared Core Values? Think about how is he or she is making a difference for DPS and our kids. *

Scott has great integrity, energy, creativity, and focus. He has initiated, spear-headed and supported many, many efforts to amplify the educational experiences and opportunities for all students at Lincoln. He has a big heart and has an abiding commitment to our Lincoln community with a focus on ensuring the students have the best learning experience possible. He has a keen ability to identify and brainstorm ideas for improving process, ensuring that teachers have needed resources in their classrooms, and the effectiveness of school events and communications. His service hasincreased the resources available to/for the students in our school. All the children in our school benefit from his efforts. He is willing to volunteer his time and resources to help create a solid and positive experiences for all students at Lincoln. When he sees or is made aware of a need that will enhance the student’s experiences - he quickly collaborates and mobilizes other parents to address the need.

Give one specific example of how this parent/family member is living this value: *

The CSC as well as Parent Surveys - identified a need for increased communication to parents - so that they could participate more fully in their child’s school experience. A family’s engagement in their school impacts not only student’s academic success but also successes in social and emotional realms. Scott heard this need and began to research the use of a Lincoln App. He vetted app options that would meet the unique needs of our school - student, staff and parent populations. He then worked with teachers and our principal to get feedback on what was possible. He worked to implement the app as well as the process for updating/maintaining the data. The app allows for smooth communication and increases the visibility and depth of the communication parents receive, and offers educational information - which allows for greater participation of those parents in their child’s educational experiences. The students benefit by having more cohesion between home and school.

Give a second specific example of how this parent/family member is living this value:

Scott has been our PTSA President for the last two years. In this capacity, he has advocated and worked to create opportunities for students, teachers, and parents. He leads with a lens of creating the best possible experience for our students. Under his leadership - we have had amazing levels of fundraising through PTSA sponsored events - which in turn helps to fund additional paras - which aid in offering additional academic, social and emotional supports for the students at our school. Upgrades to the playground, new classroom materials, and parent education opportunities have all been apart of his leadership here as the President of our PTSA.