School Involvement

PTA fundraising at Lincoln elementary

From 2016-2018, I served as the President of the PTA at Lincoln Elementary. This was the most fulfilling experience I have ever been a part of. Our board at Lincoln was focused on fundraising to improve the classrooms and to help our teachers with continuing education. I plan to bring these same values to the Board of Education.

I first became aware of education funding issues in Denver in 2016 when $88,000 of our hard-earned fundraising went towards adding four paraprofessionals to our school. It was concerning to me for several reasons:

  1. We were raising money for educators employed by the District. Were we enabling DPS to under-staff our school?

  2. DPS is only paying entry level paraprofessionals $12.54 per hour. This is unethical to be paying anyone in our schools this low of a wage. See the paraprofessional salary schedule here.

  3. Not every school in DPS can raise funds and this puts these schools at a disadvantage.

Though I am grateful that the Lincoln Elementary PTA rallied to financially support the school, something must be done at the District level to address these items. As a Board Member these would be high priority on my agenda.

It’s time Denver Public Schools addresses the $3.9 billion dollars in debt. We must become more lean, so there is no need for schools to raise funds for basic necessities in the classrooms.

2017 Dunk Tank Fundraiser at Lincoln Fall Fest

2017 Dunk Tank Fundraiser at Lincoln Fall Fest

Lincoln PTA Contributions to the classrooms

Our PTA Board worked hard to host community events and raise money for the school. Below are the contributions our PTA Board made to Lincoln Elementary.

  • Four paraprofessionals

  • iReady Math Curriculum for traditional program

  • Window fans for the 2nd and 3rd floors for the hot classrooms

  • Stage spotlight

  • Yoga mats for PE

  • Sunscreen bottles in every classroom

  • TVs and iPads for classrooms that did not receive them from Bond money

  • Didgeridoo Assembly

  • Peace Jam Curriculum

Lincoln PTA contributions to teachers

I believe that getting parents engaged and taking care of your teachers are key to building a strong school. Our PTA Board was also aware of the low teacher wages, so our fundraising went towards professional development for our teachers.

  • Reimbursed teachers up to $250 for education conferences and continuing education

  • Provided scholarships up to $1,000 for 8 teachers and paraprofessionals

  • Reimbursed teachers up to $400 for out-of-pocket classroom supplies

2017-18 DPS Family Leadership Award

In May 2018, I was nominated by the Lincoln Elementary Teachers for the DPS Family Leadership Awards and received the “Integrity Award”.

May 2018, DPS Family Leadership Award Ceremony

May 2018, DPS Family Leadership Award Ceremony

2017 Lincoln Elementary Spring Movie Night

2017 Lincoln Elementary Spring Movie Night